The Beneficent Canadian Atom

I’m excited to share post on @NICHE_Canada about the history of radioisotope production and environmental challenges at Chalk River. I’m grateful to @atomiclinda, @M_BlakeButler, and @addie_hopes for editorial help! I’d also like to send thanks to the National Film Board @thenfb for some amazing footage that I link to in the post.

Threat-to-our-existence Fatigue and Covid-19

  Fatigue. There’s lots of atomic things going on in our world. But I’ve found over the last couple years that I have fewer and fewer people to talk to them about. This could be because I’m boring when I talk shop. But personal idiosyncrasies aside, I think there’s something bigger at play. Fatigue. To…

Our Home and Radioactive Land

Hiding on the edge of US atomic consciousness, Chalk River, Ontario has had an operating reactor since 1947. An important source of medical isotopes, the facility is slated to shut down in 2018. As part of the site’s shuttering, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) is primed to “repatriate” liquid uranium waste to the…

Tracing Atoms

Here is a link to the blog from my trip during the summer of 2016 to the Nevada Test Site, Los Alamos, Sandia Labs, Rocky Flats, Idaho National Labs, and Hanford. The blog is called Tracing Atoms: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Atomic Landscapes.